Parenthood and Art

I’ve been following Austin Kleon’s blog this past year, and it’s been a bright spot in my internet meanderings.

I especially enjoy the way so many of his posts revolve around the interplay of parenting and art. For example:

  1. A day of zines
  2. Always drawing
  3. Diary of a 5-year-old
  4. Loveheart (a song his five-year-old son wrote and recorded for his mother on Mother’s Day)

As someone who is only weeks away from his first child’s due date, I love the idea of cultivating an environment where my kid is encouraged to create art–of any kind–throughout the day. Mr. Rogers says the best way to encourage a child to do anything is to let them see you enjoy your hobbies. If that’s the case, then my kid will hopefully experience a healthy amount of poetry reading and acoustic guitar playing around the house.

Visual art, however, is my weakness. For some reason, as a kid, I got it into my head that I don’t have a “talent” for drawing. So I never practiced. I took one art history class in elementary school, but that’s it. Not being able to draw has always felt like a limitation, and I hope to avoid handing down my own mental block to my son. I realize this means that I should probably start learning how to draw…at least a little bit.