I’m Nick Dalbey. I’m a great books instructor for middle school and high school students  at the The Saint Constantine School. Combine my teaching interests with my interest in literature, philosophy, and theology, and you have a good idea of what you’ll find in many of my blog posts.

Right now, this site serves two purposes:

First, it’s an attempt to gather my digital presence into one spot. I’ve slowly extracted myself from most forms of social media, and hope to establish a more stable digital home here. Even so, I still use Twitter to keep up with some of my favorite writers (quick and dead). You can follow me at @NickDalbey.

Second, the site functions as a common place notebook. I regularly write short posts that feature an extended quotation from an article or book I’ve read, sometimes followed by my own commentary. I’ll also write longer essay-like posts. The point is to create a network of my reading habits and patterns of thought through the use of “categories” and “tags.” Most of this I’ll use as a resource for lesson/unit planning in my classroom.

Thanks for stopping by!