Good Will Reading

I recently wrote a post for my school’s website reflecting on the difference between good readers and critical readers. I imagine this is a topic I’ll return to. Already, after seeing it published, I can think of several changes and/or extensions of the idea. I’ll try to add some of those reflections here in the near future.

Also, from a strictly stylistic perspective, I don’t know if it was effective to try to cram a summary of the Apology¬†in with my thesis about reading which is grounded in Lewis’ An Experiment in Criticism. Would it have been better to simplify it, focusing solely on Lewis’ argument? Maybe. But the idea originally sprung from a Plato discussion with my seventh grade students and I wanted to be able to talk about both.

Once again I fear I’ve fallen into the trap of saying a little about a lot, instead of a lot about a little. I’m still struggling to know what it feels like when I’ve struck the balance.