How We Spend Our Days

I’ve been trying to keep a daily log this year. It was start and stop at the beginning, until I finally switched over to a small moleskin planner. I was trying to keep a log in a regular journal, but it quickly became too messy.

After writing out Sunday’s entry (9/1), I was overwhelmed with the sense that I had experienced an almost perfect day:

Sunday, September 1, 2019

LAZY Sunday–hung out in front of Whole Foods with J and C eating pizza, shooting the breeze, and watching C learn how a bottle cap works.

This is the stuff I want to remember when I’m old and how I hope to spend the majority of my days.

Things People Say to Pregnant Women

Weird things people say to my wife, who is thirty-six weeks pregnant, when she is out in public:


A general comment:

  • “Oh my gosh, you look so BIG!”


Another general comment:

  • “It just looks like you’re about to pop!”


Scene: Dentist’s Office

  • Female Receptionist: “So when are you due?”
  • Wife: “October 14.”
  • Female Receptionist: “You should consider wearing all black. It’s much more slimming.”


Scene: Potluck

  • Middle-age man (unprompted): “I just can’t believe you haven’t gained any weight at all!”
  • Wife: “Oh, thank you.”
  • Middle-age man: “No, really! I can’t believe you haven’t gained an ounce!”


Scene: grocery store–my wife was buying two medium sized pumpkins to place outside our door.

  • Female Stranger (unprompted): “Ohhhh, I see you’re having twins.”
  • Wife: “What? Do you think I look big enough to be carrying two babies right now?!”
  • Female Stranger: “Oh, no! I just thought that you were buying two pumpkins for each one of your babies!”

…nope. Not a thing.


Scene: grocery store (again). But this time my wife was wearing her work-out clothes (i.e., yoga pants).

  • Male Stranger (again, UNPROMPTED): “Wow! You’re really pregnant, huh?”
  • Wife: “Yep.”
  • Male Stranger: “You’re really brave to be wearing such tight clothes when you’re so pregnant.”
  • Wife: “Well, I’m a fitness instructor, and I just taught class.”
  • Male Stranger: “Oh, really?” *incredulous side-eye*

This guy was 0-3 in this conversation. Really, he was 0-LIFE if you count the fact that he’s a man commenting on a woman’s body, unprompted, in public.


And now for a PSA from a husband who is not subject to so much commentary on his own body, and who isn’t around for half of the comments his wife receives when she’s at work or out running errands:

  • Commenting on a pregnant woman’s body IS NOT NECESSARY. No one will think you’re being impolite if you don’t mention how pregnant she looks. In fact, she’ll be glad you didn’t say anything at all.