8th Grade Proverbs

I had my students write a Mimesis assignment imitating Proverbs 1:1-19. They had to write a series of proverbs to a 5th grade student who was preparing to enter middle school. Since these 8th graders are currently at the top of the food chain, I thought they might have some helpful/interesting advice to pass along. Here are some highlights:

“The fear of the principle is the beginning of smartness; dumboes be like, ‘Naw, Principle.'”

“My son, if stinkies wanna squad up, say no.”

“It’s stinkies who say, ‘Let’s attack the lunch lady and make her drop her noodles.'”

“If dumbo trouble makers say to you, ‘let us jump the principle and break his kneecaps,’ simply say, ‘Nah fam’ and walk away.”

“Do not forget your teacher’s sayings because they are the threshold for your feet and the sunscreen for your arms.”

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